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Begin Anew

It’s almost January and once again we can start with a clean slate or a “Do Over” year.What can we do with a whole new year to bring ourselves more joy and fulfillment?The beginning of anything has so much promise for achievements, new adventures, and self promises.We have the opportunity to be a better person, live our days to the fullest and really make some life changes. I’m getting pumped up just thinking about the possibilities. But wait - are you thinking the same way as last year?Are you looking at the same list of resolutions that you did previously knowing that your resolve will last only a few days, weeks or perhaps a month?You have all these good intentions but life just seems to get in the way.You get hurried, distracted and the one thing you really want to achieve becomes too hard to manage.Before you know it you have pushed your plans to the back of the priority list to be dealt with later. Sound familiar? So what can you do to change the pattern you have set up for yourse…

Doing Things Differently

Finding Your Road Map

Do you often feel there is not enough time in the day?I recently ran a survey asking people how they felt about specific areas of life.An overall message in the responses stood out like a flashing neon sign.We want more time!In fact these responses included comments that said, “I don’t have enough time and what time I have is ate up by others in my life.”Specifically those chucks of time include work, children, spouse, aging parents, or people we allow to steal our time. Time becomes an act of juggling the different areas of our life to find a balance between what we think needs to be done, what is really important and to nurture our own mental and physical well being. Specifically, those chucks of time include work, children, spouse, aging parents, or people we allow to steal our time. I find that friends, family and acquaintances struggle with this dilemma often.Frequently they don’t even see they have a choice in the matter.They believe there are no options or alternatives.Good news…

Taking Time To Think

Moving Forward

Every day brings something new and different into our life. Even if your existence is a set schedule, or ingrained with habits, a multitude of circumstances can happen to make you happy, sad, shocked, or angry. I believe we forget how much we are capable of changing and achieving in our life until the time comes that we are forced to move forward. These changes in life or transitions have very distinct stages. The phases include an ending or letting go of a situation, a period of in-between which may be confusing or stressful and then a new beginning.

There are so many types of transitions in our life. Many can be very difficult and others easy, but overall it is still change nonetheless. A few examples would be changing jobs, moving to a new home, getting married, divorced or bringing a child into your life. Retiring, losing a loved one or being on your own for the first time are also types of transitions that may be challenging adjustments as well. All of these examples can …

Small Changes Bring Big Change

Many of us wait until the New Year as an opportunity to start anew and make changes in our lives. We do this by setting goals, making resolutions, or a promise to our self.   It’s all with good intentions and even some planning may be involved. The problem occurs when we begin to apply these changes into the everyday pattern of our life.

Let me tell you that CHANGE is hard. It’s UNCOMFORTABLE. To stick to your plan is more difficult because in many cases you don’t have support. The world is working to against you much of the time. For example, do you find that all kinds of things can creep into your life if your goal is get daily exercise? It could be family obligations, work or many other distractions, but the end result is you don’t follow through with your plan. Another example is healthier eating and losing those extra pounds. How many times has someone said to you, “Oh go ahead, one bite isn’t going to hurt you.” I can feel you nodding your head at that one.

So do you give up and b…

What Goes Around Comes Around

Newton’s third law states "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Now it’s easy to put that into perspective with how things work in life. For example think about a person using force to propel themselves in water while swimming. By using their arms to push the water backward it propels them to move forward. One action is causing another reaction.  

So how does that work in life and how we interact among family, friends and people we work with everyday? Look at the law of Karma which can be the spiritual equivalent of Newton’s Law of Motion. The thought that for every action has energy that returns to us or in other words, what you sow is what you reap. I will admit that sometimes is doesn’t appear that Karma comes back to you or others. But I will tell you that it does not often happen immediately. Sometimes it takes years even to see how a person’s actions return whether good or bad.  

Think about how you relate with others. Do you think o…

Leading and Inspiring

I just recently saw an interview with Simon Sinek, (author, speaker and consultant on leadership and management) talking about leadership and how to inspire others to do remarkable things. It was a great way to look at how we interact with others whether it is with our friends, family, co-workers or customers. One of his points was how to create a safe environment where people wake up every day inspired to go to work and at the end of the day feel fulfilled by their work and their contribution to something greater than themselves.  

Hmmm, I wonder how many people out there are actually looking to be inspired or to really care about the work they do or the relationships they have with others. Then I realized that it really doesn’t matter if others are looking for this type of life or not. What really matters is what we are doing ourselves. Because when it comes right down to it you know that if you are doing the right thing and working towards the right stuff it doesn’t matter wh…

Thriving Rather Than Just Surviving

Many of you know that I have been writing a book about my mother’s life. I am coming to the last chapters and it hit me how much I learned from her without her even realizing it. She was a very strong individual without knowing it herself. She was a survivor throughout her life but more than that - she lived life. Here are a few of the lessons she taught me.

Do your best and keep going. We find many obstacles in our way as we move along day to day in life. Sometimes they can overwhelm us and make us stall. Don Miquel Ruiz tells us that our best is not always the same but to always work towards it. Some days your best will be more than others depending on your health, mood, or other situation. If you strive to do your best you develop a habit and your best continues to improve over time. My mother always looked back at the decisions she made with the thought that she did her best with what she had to work with and I don’t believe she had many regrets.

Don’t be afraid to try ne…

Overwhelmed??? Overcome!

Occasionally I will feel that I have too much on my to-do list. Granted I would have to admit that many of those very items are my own doing because I always want to fit more into a day. Other times I do feel that I am under the gun and have several projects that need to be done all at once.
Every now and then I get inundated with so many things that I start to feel stressed. A few of these times I have been so overwhelmed and stressed that it becomes a problem. For example many years ago I was working, going to college, had my sister with her three year old living with me, and taking care of my home. It was just too much. The stress level was building with exams and work demands that I ended up in a serious accident. I believe this happened because I was so overwhelmed and distracted.  

My sister used to get overwhelmed from procrastination. It’s an easy trap and I have done it as well. I put off things that I find unpleasant or boring. It builds up and before I know it I …

Did You Say No?

If you have children you will relate to what I am going to say.  If you do not have children then think about those you have seen in your life and you will understand my point.  Children are fascinating when they hear the word no.  In fact, I don’t think they truly hear the word.  They just find another way to ask.   My first sales training was a mantra of “no is just a step closer to a yes.”  I also remember another saying of “someone tells you ‘no’ because you have not given enough reasons to say yes.”  All those beliefs of persistently working to a yes are true.  But the flip side is to scrutinize why you received a no and if you may need to reexamine what you are working towards.  The no you are getting today may mean that you need to regroup and see if you are going in the right direction.

“No” is a form of rejection.  I know very few people that neither look nor want to be rejected.  Rejection has many forms and most can be very hurtful.   I have received many rejections in my l…

Grant me Patience - Please!

I am being tested. I am being tested for my patience and that has never been one of my best features. I have always wanted quick, sudden results. Whether it’s to lose weight, get in shape, plan an event, finish a project, or get an answer from someone. I want results now.  
Jim and I have a new family member. Ti short for Tiberius, a rescued red Doberman, who is not quite two. I have had three Dobies in my life so I knew what I was getting into but you forget how much energy a young Doberman, who is still a puppy, has every day. He is learning but each day my patience is tested.  

More often than not I have to dig deep to find patience with myself to stay on track with projects that I am working on or goals that I want to achieve. I will beat myself up for not being good enough or reaching the goal I set within a certain period of time. But I also need tolerance with coworkers, lines at the grocery store, driving in southwest Florida during season, and a multitude of small …

Movie Lessons

I love to watch a good movie, don’t you? I like all kinds of movies. I like a good love story, fairy tales, achievements, epic, old, historical, thought provoking as well as an overall feel good movie. I don’t go to the theatre much as I find it a distraction with all the people around me. But to get to sit down and enjoy a movie’s story and the meaning or lesson from the tale is a treat. Some movies I have watched many times and may even have some of the dialogue memorized, but the overall feeling will be the same and I continue to enjoy it each time as I remember why I liked it so much the first occasion. 

Since February is the month for the Academy Awards, I thought it would be an appropriate time to talk about a few of my favorites and why I believe they had important lessons to learn: 

Argo – is about keeping your head when all around you has gone crazy. Based on a true story it shows the emotions of being stress and out of your element. It also shows bravery, leadership a…

Racing to Nowhere

A few days ago I was driving to the office and coming up on a left turn. The traffic was so heavy that I could not get into the left turn lane which was long and quite empty. I needed about a half of car length to move forward and into the other lane. Because the space was too tight I was stuck and had to wait. All of a sudden a big pickup truck came up behind me and jumped the curve and drove around me into the dirt and over to the turn lane. He raced down the empty lane to the intersection. About that same time the traffic began to move and the next thing I know I am sitting beside the truck at the stop light. At that moment it hit me that the driver of the truck is a person that is racing to nowhere. 

Do you find yourself in a rush and running to get to a destination? Many times this race to the finish will end only to find you had better options than to run to the conclusion. I find that we all as humans are rushing for the next thing in life. As children we are excited …