New Year, New You

For many of us January is a time to look at changes we want for ourselves.  It may be things we want to improve about our self, habits we would like to break, or new ideas we want to experience.  But where do we start and how do we accomplish these endeavors?

I have said this many times; I don’t believe in making resolutions, but suggest you find a plan you can stick with until you reach your desired goal. It’s as if we believe results will magically appear even if we don’t put in the work. It is possible to get what we want if we want it enough.  The secret is to plan the result, be consistent and stick to the strategy. 
This may sound familiar. You wanted to accomplish something and started with a great beginning. Then before you know it you lose desire, interest, become overwhelmed and give up because it was too hard.
Here are a few ideas to help with whatever you desire:
Start a journal to explore your innermost thoughts of what you want to achieve.  Writing will make it more of a commitment on your part.  Once you have the desire in writing, work backwards on how you can reach your goal. 
Take baby steps.  If you decided to run a marathon, you wouldn’t start with ten miles the first day.  You would work up to it by running small distances and build over time.  Work your plan the same way.  Each day or week you can add more and with it comes more confidence.
Find your weaknesses and what will motivate you to stick to your plan.  We all have days we lose momentum.  If you can counter with your motivating self-talk or planned rewards you will find progress. Remember most of your accomplishments will come from your internal desire, self-discipline and motivating habit changes.
Make decisions easy.  Find routine to keep you on track.  Too many choices can derail your best intentions.  Find what you can to make repetitive actions, so you don’t have to think about choices. Plan ahead.  A good plan is your safety net when you have a weak moment.
Finally, and most important, know why you want to make the desired change.  If you don’t have a clear vision of why you want to get it, you cannot stay on track. Having a clear and specific plan along with knowing why you are doing it will take you a long way to reach your desired goal.  

 Robin Anne Griffiths is a published author, certified master development coach, personal trainer and behavior change specialist. She works with groups and individuals on life transitions to create personal balance - physically and mentally.