How To Find Your Adventure At Any Age

Are you seeking adventure in your life but not sure how to find what may fit you best? One of the rewards of getting older is we have more time, expendable income and confidence about what we want. Best of all you can enjoy exploration and receive many health benefits at the same time. The trend today in tourism is the demand for “experiential travel” which mean to be more authentic, immersed in culture, active and adventurous. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone by adding a little adventure in your travel can improve your mood, keep you sharp, boost self-confident, strengthen the immune system and cope better with life challenges. Traveling can help with everyday life stress and teach us to relax.

What Does Adventure Travel Mean?
Adventure travel has different meaning for each individual. You may believe getting out of your comfort zone is adventure.  That idea can be anything from experiencing a different culture to extreme sports. To someone else it can mean avoiding the touristy places. Another person’s adventure can have a spiritual or changed life meaning.

How Do I Know I’m Ready?
Your adventure should be based on your fitness levels more than your age.  For example, you may be in good condition to walk through cities, museums, etc., but need more endurance for kayaking, running or hiking.  If there is a certain trip on your bucket list that requires more than your current fitness levels, consult with trainers and medical authorities to evaluate what you would need to be in shape and ready to accomplish the trip.

Where To Find Adventure
Adventure can be as easy as exploring a new city or national park. Perhaps you want to go a little further and experience other cultures, lifestyles or visit a different country. Maybe you have dreamed of a big adventure to push the limits by climbing a mountain, trekking across country or cycling long distance. A wide variety of choices are available to you. Let’s see how you can find the right fit for you.

Check Out The Options
Many organizations offer excursions ranging in effort from easy to strenuous. Options can be from rustic to pampered. All the details can be handled, or you can choose options within the itinerary. It’s up to you and your preferences You can research the options online once you find an area of interest to see what fits best for you.

You Don’t Have To Go Alone
If you enjoy meeting new people and traveling with others in your age groups, look for companies that cater to specific demographics such as age groups, special interest or single travelers. The advantages of traveling with a group will be planned excursions. You can travel solo but not alone. By traveling with groups of like-minded people you can create new friendships, feel safer and share the fun.

Fitness Adventures
If you are looking for a trip that requires physical activity, check out what you will need as far as training. For example, if you want to do a long-distance race in another part of the country or overseas, you can investigate a charitable organization that will help train you and arrange transportation while you fund raise for them.  If you want to climb a mountain, you will need to research the best company to hire and what they will expect you to accomplish during the trip so you can train. If you are going on a cycling trip that includes steep grades you need to be aware and build the fitness needed. All these types of travel are available for a variety of physical levels. Learn what you want to do so you can prepare and make the experience the best of your life.

The great outdoors is a wonderful place to find adventure. Safaris, white water rafting, camping and backpacking can open your world to a new appreciation for nature. There are many options on how strenuous a trip and length of time. Try a new experience and then work up to a longer more intense experience. For example, you might hike the Appalachian Trail for a day, a week or the entire 2,200 miles. A safari can be day trips with luxury lodges in the evenings or the entire trip in rustic tents. The best part is you have choices and can grow and take your adventurous side to a new level.

Check Out What Is Close To Home
Don’t forget to explore the treasures in your own backyard. We often think we must travel to distance lands to seek an adventure. But consider what is accessible and not too far away. First look at the public parks in your area and the tourist attractions. Next explore the city’s museums or other public building. Research what makes your town and surrounding area special and why others come to visit.

Adventure Giving Back
Finally, if you are looking for a deeper involvement, look at volunteer opportunities. This can be a way to share your knowledge, time and skills with others. There are opportunities throughout the world to help and teach others while you experience a new culture.

Whatever you choose you can expand your knowledge, make new friends, and enjoy additional health benefits and get out of your comfort zone.

 “Oh, the places you’ll go.” -Dr. Seuss

Robin Anne Griffiths is a published author, certified master development coach, personal trainer and behavior change specialist. She works with groups and individuals on life transitions to create personal balance - physically and mentally.