Adjust Your Attitude

My husband and I were eating at a local restaurant recently and a man came in looking for his wallet that had been left behind earlier.  The host happily told the gentleman his wallet was there and had been turned in by someone not long after he had left.  The man took the wallet and said, “Good, but I bet it would have been a different story if there had been cash in it.”  We overheard the conversation and couldn’t believe the words.  I thought how ungrateful and what a negative attitude.  Then I wondered what makes a person say and believe such things.  I understand there are many in the world that are not completely honest, but should we jump to the negative side of life so quickly?

Attitude is multi-purposed.  It can be good, bad, adjusted or displayed in a positive or negative fashion.  It’s all about our thoughts and how we handle them.  If our thoughts are toxic it will show in our attitude.  We are surrounded by negativity each day which makes it tough to keep positive thoughts.  We expose our self to and frequently thrive on negative news.  We start to look at the world through eyes expecting the worst and usually find what we are looking for.  A positive life cannot happen with a negative attitude.  A bad attitude will harm relationships.  I am sure you have experienced this with people in your life.  Think about a co-worker with an attitude making them difficult to be around. 

Attitude can be a neon sign on your face.  You may not realize it, but your attitude can make or break your success in life.  It can drive you to great things or put you into a lonely dark place.

Think you need to make a shift in your attitude? Here are some ideas to help you move in that direction:

Want to Change

Think about what you want to change.  If possible write it down and identify what is causing you to be negative.  Perhaps you spend too much time with people that focus on negative thoughts and actions.  I find this happens regularly in the work place.  People like to complain and stir up drama.  If this is the case, then look for opportunities to extract yourself from the conversations and find more positive influences. Think about what it will take to shift into a new direction?

Look for Inspiration

Find family or friends who can inspire and help motivate you toward a more positive outlook on life. Look to others who have the traits you admire and would like to emulate.  These positive role models help keep you motivated and encouraged.

Control your Environment

Watch for toxic environments that can drag you back into the negative side of life. If you spend too much time in these areas your attitude and words will reflect the same type of messages.  You can keep up-to-date with what is going on in the world today, just control they how much and the way you receive the information. Work on changing the messages you are putting into your head. 

Believe in You

Have faith you are capable of change and become the person you want to be. The rewards of altering your attitude can reap a happier and healthier life.  Be persistent and keep moving in the positive direction. 

“Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.” - John N. Mitchell

Robin is a published author and writes for a variety of blogs and publications. As a certified master coach and ACE personal trainer, Robin specializes in helping people who are on a journey for change. Her work includes helping women though life transitions for self-improvement and to create personal balance physically and mentally.