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Taking Time To Think

Moving Forward

Every day brings something new and different into our life. Even if your existence is a set schedule, or ingrained with habits, a multitude of circumstances can happen to make you happy, sad, shocked, or angry. I believe we forget how much we are capable of changing and achieving in our life until the time comes that we are forced to move forward. These changes in life or transitions have very distinct stages. The phases include an ending or letting go of a situation, a period of in-between which may be confusing or stressful and then a new beginning.

There are so many types of transitions in our life. Many can be very difficult and others easy, but overall it is still change nonetheless. A few examples would be changing jobs, moving to a new home, getting married, divorced or bringing a child into your life. Retiring, losing a loved one or being on your own for the first time are also types of transitions that may be challenging adjustments as well. All of these examples can …