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Grant me Patience - Please!

I am being tested. I am being tested for my patience and that has never been one of my best features. I have always wanted quick, sudden results. Whether it’s to lose weight, get in shape, plan an event, finish a project, or get an answer from someone. I want results now.  
Jim and I have a new family member. Ti short for Tiberius, a rescued red Doberman, who is not quite two. I have had three Dobies in my life so I knew what I was getting into but you forget how much energy a young Doberman, who is still a puppy, has every day. He is learning but each day my patience is tested.  

More often than not I have to dig deep to find patience with myself to stay on track with projects that I am working on or goals that I want to achieve. I will beat myself up for not being good enough or reaching the goal I set within a certain period of time. But I also need tolerance with coworkers, lines at the grocery store, driving in southwest Florida during season, and a multitude of small …