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Look on the Bright Side

The month of September was a roller coaster of emotions because of Hurricane Irma. For many it was days of preparing, waiting, watching, hoping and praying. Many evacuated and several stayed in their home, with friends, or a shelter. And once Irma had passed over our area, many of us faced multiple challenges and all were handled in different ways. 
Finding your way through the network of recovery can overwhelm anyone. During times of stress, it’s easy to be short-tempered, depressed, anxious or a multitude of other feelings. On the flipside, other types of behaviors surface such as giving, gratefulness and communities pulling together with resources. 

This latter behavior is what I want to talk about and how it is such an overall positive for individuals. As hard as it may seem to seek the bright side of life when disaster strikes, the positive effects from having an optimistic attitude can help in preparing and then recovering. 

This is not to trivialize what anyone experiences when in the middle of harm’s way.   But if you can keep your thoughts on a positive note, you will be able to plan, function and focus on what needs done. Better judgement surfaces when you have a positive outlook. You will not be distracted and more likely to organize and move quickly. 

This is a good quality to have for many situations in life. It may be a family crisis or a condition that concerns your job or business. By keeping a good view of the circumstances, you may find you handle difficult times with more ease. Here are a few steps to keep in mind to help you work on a positive outlook.

Change is Certain
Whatever you may face know change is inevitable. See these changes as an opportunity to find better ways to live, or function. You may not see the overall good at first, but by looking for the positive you will be open to finding the little things that will be helpful to you.

Have a Mantra
Give yourself positive self-talks. Adopt a saying or mantra you can say when you move to the negative side of life. These constructive conversations within your mind will keep you focused and give you more confidence.

Look at the Big Picture
Don’t get so engrossed in the little details but consider the big picture. By thinking big you will be able to plan for many scenarios which will help you be better prepared. This will help keep your confidence up and boost your positive thoughts.

Ask for Help
People are more than willing to help when needed and often they are waiting for you to ask. Reach out to others if you find you cannot do something because of lack of knowledge or capabilities. A trusted advisor will help with doubts you may have and often verify your plan which will increase your positive thoughts.

Take Action
It is easy to take a wait and see stance when you are not sure of your direction. The best option is to weigh out all the facts and decide what is best for you. You may need to take baby steps with these actions but you will consider all your options and determine the right choice for your circumstance. 

 You can build your positive thoughts and actions by using these techniques. Then when you are under stress, you will be able to move through it a little easier with more confidence. 

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” -Hans Selye


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