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Psst… Did You Hear About

I have been in many situations working with all types of people over my lifetime.  Men, women, young, old, different nationalities in a variety of work environments.  And no matter what the circumstances, people are the same in many cases.  They still have a need to rally together on mutual interest, and there are common personality types within each work environment. 

Recently I have been in a situation to observe this in a very small setting where a group of people work in close quarters over many different overlapping times.  I find it fascinating how information is passed from one to another in this chain of work shifts that continues around the clock.  It is very easy for information to get misconstrued.  But what I find happening more than the breakdown in communication going from one person to next is information irrelevant to the job itself and is just plain gossip or what I call stirring the pot. This is the information that can cause real damage within a work setting.