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To Another Year

May is my favorite time of the year. When I lived in regions with four seasons I loved May as it was the beginning of spring. Everything becomes new and fresh. It’s when Mother Nature sheds the gray of winter and bring color to life again.

Another reason I love this time of year is the month of May includes my birthday. You may not be excited about your birthdays but I am because it’s a chance to look over the past and towards the future. This year is a special birthday as I am entering a new decade of my life. With each decade I have endeavored to develop or achieve something new. It all began many years ago when I gave up some bad habits to attained a better life. During these years I have been able to learn more about my myself and hopefully achieve wisdom.

This year is no different. I began this year with a half marathon run. I have not done a distance run for many years and so I really had to work hard to get (literally) up to speed. I did make it through the run and what I learn…