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Being All In

I have had several people cross my path wanting a change in their life.Some are looking at a different career, or they are focusing on health and a few are looking to the future and what is next in their life.My conversations with them have encompassed ideas of what they want to do but have no concrete plans of action.It’s just talk and they are not really committed to making a change at all. If you are thinking of making a change in your life have you truly thought it though and how you are going to make this change?Are you serious or looking for the easy route and hope to get the results you want?If you are committed and ready to take the needed steps your next question will be, “What’s next?”
I was talking to someone recently that told me they were ready to make a change and they had thought and talked about this change for some time.After much soul searching and many discussions with themselves and others it was decided to move forward and go “all in.”You may ask what does that me…