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The Role Models In Our Life

Some of us are fortunate enough in life to come across one special person.This is a person who finds it in themselves to give to others in the form of teaching or mentoring. Many of us actually pursue mentoring in the workplace and other areas of our life today. There are companies and clubs that have mentoring programs to get us up to speed and knowledgeable of the organization.These are worthy programs but not what I am talking about here.
The type of teacher that I am speaking of is the person who will give their time and energy to help another learn and grow.This type of mentor does not look for recognition for their efforts nor do they announce their intentions.They quietly use their knowledge to help others become better without looking for gratitude but only the satisfaction of guiding another.
This person does not set up rules and they do not reprimand, admonish, or make anyone uncomfortable.They lead by example with grace and dignity.Many times the people they teach or help don…