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Begin Anew

It’s almost January and once again we can start with a clean slate or a “Do Over” year.What can we do with a whole new year to bring ourselves more joy and fulfillment?The beginning of anything has so much promise for achievements, new adventures, and self promises.We have the opportunity to be a better person, live our days to the fullest and really make some life changes. I’m getting pumped up just thinking about the possibilities. But wait - are you thinking the same way as last year?Are you looking at the same list of resolutions that you did previously knowing that your resolve will last only a few days, weeks or perhaps a month?You have all these good intentions but life just seems to get in the way.You get hurried, distracted and the one thing you really want to achieve becomes too hard to manage.Before you know it you have pushed your plans to the back of the priority list to be dealt with later. Sound familiar? So what can you do to change the pattern you have set up for yourse…