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Small Changes Bring Big Change

Many of us wait until the New Year as an opportunity to start anew and make changes in our lives. We do this by setting goals, making resolutions, or a promise to our self.   It’s all with good intentions and even some planning may be involved. The problem occurs when we begin to apply these changes into the everyday pattern of our life.

Let me tell you that CHANGE is hard. It’s UNCOMFORTABLE. To stick to your plan is more difficult because in many cases you don’t have support. The world is working to against you much of the time. For example, do you find that all kinds of things can creep into your life if your goal is get daily exercise? It could be family obligations, work or many other distractions, but the end result is you don’t follow through with your plan. Another example is healthier eating and losing those extra pounds. How many times has someone said to you, “Oh go ahead, one bite isn’t going to hurt you.” I can feel you nodding your head at that one.

So do you give up and b…