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Thriving Rather Than Just Surviving

Many of you know that I have been writing a book about my mother’s life. I am coming to the last chapters and it hit me how much I learned from her without her even realizing it. She was a very strong individual without knowing it herself. She was a survivor throughout her life but more than that - she lived life. Here are a few of the lessons she taught me.

Do your best and keep going. We find many obstacles in our way as we move along day to day in life. Sometimes they can overwhelm us and make us stall. Don Miquel Ruiz tells us that our best is not always the same but to always work towards it. Some days your best will be more than others depending on your health, mood, or other situation. If you strive to do your best you develop a habit and your best continues to improve over time. My mother always looked back at the decisions she made with the thought that she did her best with what she had to work with and I don’t believe she had many regrets.

Don’t be afraid to try ne…