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Overwhelmed??? Overcome!

Occasionally I will feel that I have too much on my to-do list. Granted I would have to admit that many of those very items are my own doing because I always want to fit more into a day. Other times I do feel that I am under the gun and have several projects that need to be done all at once.
Every now and then I get inundated with so many things that I start to feel stressed. A few of these times I have been so overwhelmed and stressed that it becomes a problem. For example many years ago I was working, going to college, had my sister with her three year old living with me, and taking care of my home. It was just too much. The stress level was building with exams and work demands that I ended up in a serious accident. I believe this happened because I was so overwhelmed and distracted.  

My sister used to get overwhelmed from procrastination. It’s an easy trap and I have done it as well. I put off things that I find unpleasant or boring. It builds up and before I know it I …