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Movie Lessons

I love to watch a good movie, don’t you? I like all kinds of movies. I like a good love story, fairy tales, achievements, epic, old, historical, thought provoking as well as an overall feel good movie. I don’t go to the theatre much as I find it a distraction with all the people around me. But to get to sit down and enjoy a movie’s story and the meaning or lesson from the tale is a treat. Some movies I have watched many times and may even have some of the dialogue memorized, but the overall feeling will be the same and I continue to enjoy it each time as I remember why I liked it so much the first occasion. 

Since February is the month for the Academy Awards, I thought it would be an appropriate time to talk about a few of my favorites and why I believe they had important lessons to learn: 

Argo – is about keeping your head when all around you has gone crazy. Based on a true story it shows the emotions of being stress and out of your element. It also shows bravery, leadership a…