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Racing to Nowhere

A few days ago I was driving to the office and coming up on a left turn. The traffic was so heavy that I could not get into the left turn lane which was long and quite empty. I needed about a half of car length to move forward and into the other lane. Because the space was too tight I was stuck and had to wait. All of a sudden a big pickup truck came up behind me and jumped the curve and drove around me into the dirt and over to the turn lane. He raced down the empty lane to the intersection. About that same time the traffic began to move and the next thing I know I am sitting beside the truck at the stop light. At that moment it hit me that the driver of the truck is a person that is racing to nowhere. 

Do you find yourself in a rush and running to get to a destination? Many times this race to the finish will end only to find you had better options than to run to the conclusion. I find that we all as humans are rushing for the next thing in life. As children we are excited …