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Learning New Tricks

Think you may be too old to learn? You know the saying, “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I know several acquaintances who think once you become a certain age life slows down and retirement is the future. They have no plans thinking it will all just fall into place. You may not be aware, but many people don’t get started on their life until they have celebrated their fifty-plus year mark. And a large amount of these late learners’ bloom with new careers, projects and talents that were not known to them.

Have you given thought to starting something and didn’t because you were afraid of failure or people may laugh? Perhaps you have thoughts of changing yourself physically and are afraid to ask how to get started or even if you can follow through with a plan. I would advise you to be brave and do it anyway. You can gain from the experience and may find you are opening a new door to a life beyond your current settings. Many articles have been written about lifelong learning and the men…
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Get Over It

Years ago, when I lived in South Carolina, I took part in a 10K run (6.2 miles) each year in Charleston. This was an exciting run because it began in Mount Pleasant and ended in Downtown Charleston after crossing the Cooper River Bridge, which is 573 feet high.  It was a fun run because people lined the streets cheering and high-fiving the runners while bands played inspiring music along the course to keeping everyone going.  It was also an intimating run.  Six miles with a very large bridge to get across.   One year the theme was “Get Over It” and while running many of the local radio stations and bands were playing the Eagles rendition of the theme.

I’m telling you this because I was listening to a speaker talking about how we look at our future.  She was asking the audience to think about what they wished for and if they were avoiding going after it because of fear or another reason.  She pointed out how we avoid looking at what we want out of life because we realize we are not the…

Little Steps to Big Strides

Knowing you need to do something and taking the required steps doesn’t always go in the same direction.  You may talk and dream about the results; or perhaps someone has made suggestions, but you still don’t act.  Perhaps you need more reasons to change direction or feel overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. 

Bottom line is it must start with you.  No one can make you do something you don’t want for yourself.  Wanting something, seeing the future, planning and then a commitment are stages to get you to the results you desire.  Sometimes it means making change slowly to build habits.

This bring me to how small changes can give you BIG change. For example, if you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, you can start with baby steps. So many people I talk to believe they need to make massive changes to their life to be healthy. Some need more than others but we all must start somewhere so here are tips to begin those baby steps.

Get A Check Up
If you haven’t had a visit for a wellnes…

Looking And Planning Ahead…

It’s the start of another year and with that comes opportunity.  But is all starts with a good plan.  What are you looking to do this year?  So often we have ideas of what we want, but don’t plan enough on how to carry out these thoughts.

We think about desired results, but forget to look ahead and what we need to do to achieve the outcome.  Think of it as if you were going on a trip without a map, money or clear destination.  It would be a little hard to say where you would end up and what shape you would be on arrival. 

I have said this many times; I don’t believe in making resolutions, but instead suggest you find a plan you can stick with until you reach your desired goal. It’s as if we believe results will magically appear even if we don’t put in the work. It is possible to get what we want if we want it desperately enough? The secret is to plan the result, be consistent and stick to the strategy. 

This may sound familiar. You wanted to accomplish something and started with a grea…

Four Things

I saw a picture referencing the holidays with an idea of four gifts. The four items were - something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.  The thought behind the idea was to have less spending, consumerism, and more gratitude. I found this a refreshing idea. A little less commercialism as well as less stress appeals to me and hopefully after reading this it will to you too.

The idea of four gifts got me thinking about all the things we do from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. It’s a whirlwind of non-stop activity where we race from one event to another. I have many acquaintances that moan when someone states it is only so many days until Christmas. It has become a time to shop, cook, go to events, travel and much more. Many are left exhausted, depressed, and in debt.

What can we do to ease the tension and expectations, so we can enjoy the season? One way may be to continue the four-item theme with everything connected to the months between November an…

Happy To Call You Friend…

Over a lifetime I have been fortunate to know a hand full of true friends. These friends came into my life at different times to help me through tough times or provide encouragement when needed.  I still enjoy two friends from my childhood which I treasure as they have known me the longest.  Some friends have passed away, but the memories of our friendship still comfort me as new friends continue to enter my life providing new perspectives what the future may hold.

Friendship means different things to many individuals.  We collect a network of acquaintances through many avenues including social media.  Your friends may come from many sources but it’s the mutual benefits and quality of these relationships that matter.

What is the meaning and benefits of friendship? How important are our friendships? And are you a friend to others? Let’s look at some of the answers to these questions. 

Meaningful friendship is respect and warmth for each other.  You have common ground, mutual outlook on l…

Look on the Bright Side